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Pool Remodel Sarasota

What To Look For In A Pool Remodel Sarasota


My husband and I bought a home a few years ago. When we bought it, we knew that eventually, we would want to remodel the pool outside. But first thing was first, and there were several other updates we had to do around the home. The pool was one of the last things on our list of updates to do. Within the first year of buying our home, we were able to do small updates around it that really made it look nicer. We got a few new appliances for our kitchen, painted the counter tops and installed backsplash. We also painted a few of the rooms in our home and replaced some of the carpeting. We were taking things one step at a time, but it was coming together so nicely. 


Within the past few months, we have been talking about getting our pool remodeled. We wanted to make sure that we hired the best company to do it, but also one that wasn't going to take advantage of us and overcharge us for doing it. I went to Google and searched for pool remodel Sarasota. I didn't realize how many companies around us did this type of work. I looked through some of the reviews I could find for them and if they had websites for their business, I visited them so I could see before and after pictures of the work they had done in the past.


The pictures I saw for all of these companies were really good. They did a wonderful job on the remodeling work I had seen. I also wanted to check out a few websites like Angie's List and Home Advisor to see what information I could find there. I searched again on those websites for pool remodel Sarasota and these companies came up. I really like these websites because they give a good bit of information and there are also lots of customer reviews available to read over. 


Once I was done reading through those websites, there were a couple companies I wanted to call and ask a few questions. I wanted to find out the cost and when they were available. I set up appointments with two of the companies I called so I could get estimates for the work. After discussing the price and idea of how we wanted the pool remodeled, we decided which company to hire for the job. They will start soon on the work.


- Jessica M

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