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February is the most romantic day of the year. As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, many ideas come to mind on how best to date your significant other, friends and acquaintances.

Instead of doing traditional walks in some overcrowded 5-star restaurant surrounded by strange faces, why not create an intimate setting for you and your lover right in your backyard? Dinner for two by the pool lights or a few bottles of champagne and fine wine with ice, whichever you choose, you can prepare it right by the pool with the help of Lakewood Ranch pool resurfacing.

Now that we've concluded that your pool has plans, here are 4 inexpensive ways to create a romantic treat for your lover on this Valentine's Day. Before starting any of these, check with a pool renovator in Florida to make sure your pool is in the right shape.


This is one of the simplest and easiest views you can do in about 5-10 minutes. Using flowers to decorate your pool can be as simple as scattering a few rose petals to float across the pool. Another great idea is to evenly arrange some unusual colors. You can place the flowers around the edges or anywhere else, using bubble wrap under each bouquet to keep them upright. Make sure to choose what she likes.


You might have guessed this. It's impossible to have a complete romantic experience without the right lighting, and if there is one thing that candles do best, its light. Use tea lights for this trick. They can be costly, but they are easy to find wherever you check. Their hull is also reinforced with a gorgeous display that accompanies the reflection of their lights from the water.

Use these candles to float in the pool, monogram your love shape, decorate your dining table and walkway to bring all the romance to the table. A smart precaution is to keep candles out of reach of anything that might catch fire, and if you have pets, be sure to leave them in a separate area.


Make some balloons in colors that match the area. Inflate your balloons and just leave them around the pool and in the water, they will float on their own. If you have a large pool and want to save your lungs for all future kisses, inflate the balloons with helium and try to weight the ends of the strings so they don't fly. Again, it would be great to check the wind again in advance. When buying balloons, choose trendy round oversized ones.


Some John Legend or Ed Sheeran would never hurt. Create a playlist of your loved one's favorite songs to add an intimate atmosphere. There is no need for anything serious, some home speakers will do the trick and will definitely make the music quiet so that all the necessary notes are heard.

That's all. These 4 tips will get your pool ready  for February 14th. And if you are lonely like me, you have a big pool and no lover to share with, now would be the best time to invite the boys to a pool party with drinks and flying BBQs. Make sure your pool is in the best shape by calling Lakewood Ranch Pool Resurfacing.

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