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There is nothing sadder than the old abandoned pool in the garden of a family home. If you don't care for your pool properly, it slowly starts to fall apart and soon deteriorates. North port pool renovation repair is a necessary and important stage in the life of a pool. Sooner or later he will need repairs.

Whatever their shape or material, swimming pools are destroyed over time by UV radiation from the sun or water, microorganisms or users. Regardless of the reason, an Florida pool renovation must be done if you want to extend the life of your pool over several years.

Why is pool renovation one of the most recommended summer activities? There are many reasons, and we will look at some of them.

1. Keep your pool in top shape

To maintain performance, some elements of the pool must be replaced or updated without fail. This is a lining that guarantees waterproofing, the service life of which can vary from 3 to 30 years, depending on its nature (paint, plaster, liner, tile, polyester, etc.). This doesn't necessarily mean keeping the same. It is quite possible to replace the liner with a reinforced membrane, paint with plaster or cover the plaster with tiles.

This review (which we advise you to entrust to a pool renovator) will also be an excuse to replace some elements with others that are more effective, either because the former are showing signs of weakness or because the latter can help you better manage your ongoing maintenance.

2. Save on pool costs.

Pool renovation is also an opportunity to save on water, electricity and running costs. Firstly, by replacing obsolete material with a new, more efficient and less energy-intensive one. For example, in the case of filtration, hydraulic circuits or purification devices.

Then it is possible to reduce the depth and surface of the pelvis. The volume of water will decrease and you will save on all aspects: care, heating, filtration for North Port pool renovation. The swimming pool will also acquire an aesthetic appearance: a pool with a ladder and an inclined plane is more in vogue today than cisterns in "vats" in which you need to dive. Updating your pool today is one surefire way. spend money now

3. Improve your pool comfort.

Reducing the volume of your pool will also make it more practical to use (ladder, sloped bottom). And the water will warm up faster after winter.

In general, repairing a swimming pool in Lakewood Ranch is a chance to solve all minor problems that do not require quick intervention: a small water leak, material breakdown, defective filtration system, destruction of the coating so that you can finally enjoy your pool to the fullest.

It is also an opportunity to replace certain elements with more practical ones. And why not invest in a remote service system controlled from your smartphone? There are so many new technologies available right now that you can incorporate into your pool during renovations.

4. Enhancing the aesthetics of the pool.

Renovation is an opportunity to refresh the pool, giving it a new style. This applies to size, shape, interior decoration, light atmosphere, beach or harmony with a technical room.

5. New equipment for swimming pools.

Last but not least, you will save money by doing all the work in one go, rather than spreading it out over time. Emptying the pool does not affect your water bill or pool availability. So why not take advantage of cover replacement to consider installing a back-up heating or swimming system for North Port pool renovation, shelter or automatic cover?

So, if you want to give your pool a youthful touch and enhance your comfort and well-being, we have several solutions to renovate your private pool.

Repair equipment

Pool liner

The pool liner is an essential part of the renovation as it gives color to the water in your pool. Choose from a wide range of classic blue, beige, mint, gray to give it a modern touch.

The edges

When renovating a pool, nothing gives a new look better than replacing the edges as they go a long way in the overall finish of the pool and improve its appearance. Installing anti-slip material around the edges also ensures the safety of those using the pool and prevents many falls.

Poolside beach

You have several options. The wooden beach is fashionable for its aesthetics and naturalness. In addition, it fits perfectly into the green environment of the garden and takes any shape. The combination of wood and paving stones is in fashion now. Assembling these two materials will allow you to create a contemporary style that creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden.

You can also opt for composite sheets that look much like wood but require less maintenance.

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