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Pool Builders Sarasota

Pool Builders Sarasota

Taking a dip at your own swimming pool in the comfort of your home is a relaxing thought. Have you dreamed of having a pool in your own backyard? Pool Creations is your trusted pool builders in Sarasota.

We have established our presence in the industry for more than 25 years now and our client list just keeps on growing every year. We always see to it to deliver the swimming pool that our customer wants. We are the industry specialists when it comes to building concrete swimming pools. Our dedicated customer service is unmatched and we always go the extra mile for our clients.

About Us

We started creating outdoor oasis 25 years ago. We believed that swimming pools should be an extension of every home and a reflection of the lifestyle of the people living in it. That vision fuelled us to start this company. We began serving our small neighborhood until we were able to establish a few clients.

Today, we have already built and renovated hundreds of swimming pools in the Sarasota area. More and more homeowners trust our service for their outdoor pool needs. At the end of every project, we make sure that you have the swimming pool you have always dreamed about.


Our Services

•    Pool Construction
We are the leading pool builders in Sarasota. With our expertise and knowledge in pool construction, we guarantee to give you the outdoor oasis of your dreams. We only use the highest quality of materials in our construction. From the start of the project, we make sure that you know all our procedures.

•    Pool Renovation
We also offer pool renovation services to existing pools. We make sure to give your pool the new look it needs.
Give us a call today and book your first appointment with the true professionals in swimming pool creations!

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