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What to Expect

what to expect

At Pool Creations, we know buying a new swimming pool is a big decision, and not just anyone can be trusted for the job. Our company has been building, resurfacing and remodeling swimming pools in the Sarasota Area for over 25 years. You can have peace of mind knowing that our expert Sarasota pool builders offer the highest quality installation, remodeling and pool services in the Sarasota and Manatee County area. With our expert design staff, quality pool construction technicians, and all around great customer service, you will find installing a pool with Pool Creations is a fun and exciting process that will have you lounging in your ultimate outdoor retreat before you know it!



Unlike other pool companies in Florida, Pool Creations utilizes a 3-D design process which allows our customers to see exactly what their future pool or remodel will look like. Taking the guesswork out of the process ensures that you will be satisfied with your new pool's design and features. We know building or remodeling a new pool can be a stressful process, and we believe we are the best Sarasota pool builders for you. Don’t hesitate to contact Pool Creations today and let’s get started building you the pool you've been waiting for.


Our team goes through a 12-step process when building the new pool of your dreams. First step is pool design, where you will meet with our expert pool design consultants to figure out your vision for a new pool. We then create a highly detailed 3-D rendering so you can see exactly what your pool design will look like. At this point, we will make any changes you may want to complete your dream pool. Pool Creations wants to be sure you love the design of your future outdoor oasis, and won’t stop until you are completely satisfied.


Once you agree to the finished design, we will create a contract explaining in detail what to expect from the pool build or remodel. We ensure there will be no hidden costs when you choose Pool Creations for your pool build. The contract shows upfront exactly what will happen, when it will happen and how much each step will cost. Following approval of your pool contract, our team will process all necessary permits to start the actual construction of your new pool. 


Next, we start the exciting job of building your new pool! The Pool Creations team will conduct the layout, excavation and steel construction following the design we agreed to. After the framing is laid out, we will lay the plumbing needed, then apply gunite to the entire surface. Our construction team is top-notch, and will ensure that the work area is as clean as possible along the way. Next we will work on tile and coping, which may take a few days to complete. Once this is added, you will have a durable, non-porous surface on your pool for years to come. We then install your new pool decking, to complete this phase of the build.


Now we will bring in our licensed electrical contractor to make all of the electrical connections to your pool equipment and make sure they are operating correctly. Then it’s time to add a screened in pool cage and child safety options you may have selected. Finally, the last step will be installing the interior surface of your new pool and filling it with water. After a final walk through, you now have a beautiful new pool to enjoy for years to come! As one of the top pool builders in Sarasota, we love seeing our creations bring joy to our customers every time!



Maybe you already have a pool in your backyard, but it’s looking a little worse for wear. At Pool Creations, our Sarasota swimming pool remodeling service will bring your pool up to date and transform it into a new pool of your dreams. If you have a pool that is looking tired, that isn’t working for you, or you just don’t like its design, give us a call now. Our expert consultation staff will help you design a new space that you will love, and only our expert team of Sarasota pool builders can create. We will create a 3-D rendering for you so you can see in detail exactly how we can transform your old, existing pool. All our projects come with a contract explaining exactly the process with no hidden costs or surprises to you. We also cover all permitting applications and processes, and try to make the build as painless to our customers as possible. We know you will absolutely love your new pool remodeling project, and can’t wait to see the outcome for you and your family.


Lastly, we offer both pool equipment and pool cleaning services in the Sarasota and Bradenton Florida area.  Our pool equipment upgrades include LED light bubblers, deck jets and water features. These can be beautiful additions to your existing pool, or added into your pool design or remodel. Pool Creations pool cleaning services are always flat rate, and we can typically complete a cleaning within 24 hours of the service call. Our technicians are all certified and work with a wide range of popular pool chemicals. If you notice your pool is leaking, our certified leak detection team will be able to locate and fix any pool leaks you may have. As a full service pool design, remodel, and pool servicing company, Pool Creations can fulfill all your pool needs.


Pool Creations of Florida is your premier Sarasota pool construction and Sarasota pool remodeling company. Our customers come first and we’re not happy until you are completely satisfied and in love with your new pool design. With our extensive expertise, you can relax knowing your pool is in the most capable hands. We specialize in all things pool related including new pool design and construction, pool resurfacing, pool renovations, repair, pavers, travertine, deck extensions and more. At Pool Creations, the quality of our construction and our excellent customer service is unmatched in the Sarasota County and Manatee County area. You will never go wrong in choosing the best and here at Pool Creations, we know we’re the best!

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