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You can't just dive headlong into pool renovation. If you want to change the layout and setup of your underground pool, you need to have a fully thought out plan. Pool renovation Bradenton can take months of planning and work before you can take a dip in the water again. Fortunately, the following guide will walk you through this process. Read on to find out how you can update your current pool like pool renovation Bradenton. Why consider renovating your pool? There are several different reasons you might want to talk to a contractor about your pool renovation. The first and easiest is that you want to add or update features. Installing a new pump or waterfall can improve the functionality and appearance of your pool. You can also install something around your pool, such as a sundeck or a hot tub. Another key reason to upgrade your pool is to fix minor damage. Over time, cracks, stains and other damage may appear on the surface of your pool. By remodeling your pool and replacing material, you can restore the look of your pool and avoid more serious structural problems in the future. Make a budget and wish list First things first, if you start thinking about remodeling your pool, you need to make a list of what you want and a budget. Ideally, you could change your pool as you see fit and pay the bill without thinking about it. Unfortunately, since no one has that kind of money, you will have to prioritize some things over others. You can create both your wishlist and your budget using one of the Evernote templates from pool renovation Bradenton! Make sure you know what you absolutely need to have, what you are willing to compromise on, and what features are just “good to have” that you are willing to give up if it comes to that. Talk to multiple contractors You should talk to several pool contractors in your area to find the best deal. Most companies offer free estimates and you can help align them with your wishlist and budget based on what they think is possible. After receiving several offers, you are guaranteed to get the best grade for your work. Always ask for work samples and also ask if any parts of the remodeling process will be subcontracted. It is generally best to have everything done directly by an in-house team as this is covered by insurance and it is easier to deal with one contractor at a time. Once you have a proposal, feature list, and general timeline, you are ready to hire a contractor and get started! Depending on the size of the pool and what you do with it, the entire process can take anywhere from a few days to a month before it is completed. Pool renovation is worth the investment Pool renovation Bradenton is not something you should be doing on impulse, but with the right planning and some patience, you can enjoy your dream pool in no time!

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