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Pool Resurfacing Sarasota

Pool Resurfacing Sarasota 

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? Perhaps, your pool might need a resurfacing already. For pool resurfacing in Sarasota, Pool Creations is your only trusted choice.


A custom, in-ground swimming pool should reflect the style and design that a homeowner wants and that’s what we do. We commit ourselves to excellence and ensure that your high expectations will be met with meticulous care and precision. Whether you are building a new pool, restoring or redesigning an existing one, we got you covered. Pool Creations is your trusted partner when it comes to creating the perfect, outdoor oasis for your family.


About Us

Established 25 years ago, we had a vision- that swimming pools should be an extension of one’s home, a reflection of style and a personal oasis. We started serving our small community and settled for nothing but the very best.

Today, we still stand by the same values on which we were founded: service, honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We are now serving the greater area of Sarasota, Florida and its nearby areas. We custom designed every swimming pool we build to fit our client’s desire. We are also the leading pool resurfacing in Sarasota.

Pool Resurfacing

As your swimming pool age, it may start to show signs of deterioration, such as normal wear and tear. That’s why if your pool’s finish damaged, or you just need a new look for your pool, maybe it’s time to have a pool resurfacing. Pool resurfacing is often but not always done in conjunction with other pool renovations, such as tile replacement, coping and decking. Our company offers competitive pricing and bundle discounts to ease your burden and hassle out of your project. This can give your pool the new look it needs.

For your pool resurfacing in Sarasota, trust only Pool Creations.

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