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Pool Construction Process - Sarasota, Florida

Your backyard will go through a 12 step process to convert it from its current condition to the backyard of your dreams.

Pool Design - Layout - Excavation - Steel Construction

Gunite - Plumbing - Utilities - Coping & Tile -Deck

Screen Cage - Safety Fence / Alarms

Interior Surface

Pool Design

Pool Creations will set up an appointment for a consultation. Where we will gather detailed information regarding your needs. We will then create a rendering. We use the most advanced 3D design software that allows you to see your pool design in astonishing detail. After the project has been designed it will be presented to you. At this point you can add or remove any features to make the project exactly as you imagined. Once you have approved the final design of your pool a detailed set of plans will be created. We then draw up a contract with all the details of the project. Last, we will start the permitting process.


Once permitting has been approved an outline of your pool will be marked out with ground paint. Next, form boards are placed and staked where the pool is marked out with paint. Last, everything is checked for accuracy and the excavation can begin.


The next step in the construction of your new pool is the excavation. An excavation crew carefully digs and hand-trims your pool in precise accordance with every detail of your swimming pool’s design specifications. The excavation process usually takes one to two days, depending on the soil conditions and weather. You will note the wooden forms around your swimming pool. They are there to guide us in the rest of our construction. The majority of dirt from the excavation process will be removed during the excavation. Don’t be concerned if some dirt remains, as we will use this for other phases of the construction. If you would like a portion of this dirt reserved for landscaping purposes or some other uses, just let us know where and how much you desire. Last, we install a temporary safety fence across your open access area.


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