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Pool Design & Construction, Venice Fl Pool Builder

Pool Builder Venice, Florida

Pool Design & Construction: In-ground pools are one of the most common pool types and are available in a multitude of pool shapes and sizes. They can be made to blend seamlessly into the landscape and will bring a resort feel to your backyard. In-ground pools can be made of fibreglass, concrete or vinyl liner, with vinyl liner tending to be the most affordable option.

Pros – Many options for size, shape, depth and design – Can be customised for your section – Will blend seamlessly into the landscape – Has a professional, finished appearance – Will add value to your house

5 Tips to help you plan your pool project

  1. Even if you don't live in a Conservation Area or a listed house, you will probably need to get planning permission for your swimming pool.

  2. If you want a pool for the summer, you need to start thinking about it the autumn before and be constructing it by spring. A complicated design takes about 16 to 20 weeks to build.

  3. A cover is vital in retaining heat in your pool. I would recommend an automatic cover that will work at the push of a button, because manual ones are cumbersome and take two or three people to fit.

  4. There's a misconception that deeper is better. Flat-bottomed pools usually suit the whole family, but if you do want a diving end, the minimum depth is 2.2 metres.

  5. Natural stones make a beautiful addition to your pool, and porcelain tiles are almost indestructible and can be indiscernible from natural stone.

  6. Chlorine is aggressive and gives the pool a chemical smell. Other primary disinfection systems, such as ozone, cut down on the use of chlorine. It kills bacteria and chlorine-resistant microorganisms, and also reduces pool chemical costs.

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