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Pool Renovation Bradenton

Pool Renovation Bradenton

Thinking about remodeling your pool but not sure where to start?

While it is certainly true that remodeling involves a lot of budgets and decisions, the truth is that there is an easy step-by-step guide on how you can complete a pool renovation bradenton project with minimal stress and disruption to your daily life.

The end result will still lead to a high level of satisfaction on your part. All pool requirements and needs will be met as you progress. The best thing about this is that you'll be so pleased that the backyard seclusion is complete that you literally can't wait to jump in and enjoy the remodeled pool!

Are you ready to get started? Let's start.

Pool reconstruction: start

To set expectations, contractors usually define estimated start and finish times. But keep in mind that these are just estimates and may depend on several factors, events and circumstances. As with most construction, renovation or renovation projects, there are many moving parts that work together to achieve a common goal.

Pool renovation experts work every day to bring you closer to a perfectly renovated pool. When something unexpected happens; those. delays, material changes, etc. will affect the completion date. Pool remodelers try to anticipate these situations and have contingency plans in case this happens. Understanding these things will invariably create a smoother work environment for both contractors and homeowners. Less stress, less pressure and the job gets done much faster than expected! Visit to learn more about pool renovations and salt water pool systems.

A typical day at the pool - modernization process

Pool drainage

The submersible pump is at the bottom of your pool and the hose goes outside. The draining process takes 6 to 12 hours and depends on the size of your pool. As for the spa, we can completely drain it the same day and clean it out of the pool.

The submersible pump may make a loud “squelching” sound when your pool is completely drained. We advise homeowners to simply unplug the pump's power cord.


The pool renovation bradenton surface is hammered and primed; if homeowners have requested tiling, then this is exactly the step in which it is done. Chipping is perhaps the loudest of all pool remodeling steps, and the process takes about half a day. The contractors remove the gunite shell and then remove it.


Homeowners can choose their preferred tile for their newly remodeled pool. We apply the grout. The whole process takes from one to two days, depending on the number of tiles. Please note that if you have chosen plastering, tile trims on the steps are added on the last day of the plastering process.

Surface application

This is where our trucks come in handy. They mix pebbles and plaster in the right consistency and quantity, and the mixture is pumped through large hoses into your pool. Our experienced plasterers begin to trowel the surface by hand, which takes 4 to 6 hours.

Pebble app

We finish off by acid rinsing the pool surface after finishing the pebble application. This officially marks the start of the pre-fill phase. Pebble is usually applied quickly and takes only a few hours.

Water addition

After the pebble remover and plaster are in place, we start adding water. Homeowners must be present during this process; the water must reach the middle of the tile line or the skimmer opening before the water flow is shut off. It is absolutely essential that you DO NOT block the water flow before filling the pool completely, otherwise water lines will form inside the pool.

One way to do this is to control the flow of water. Reduce speed if desired, but do not turn off the tap until the pool is full.

Depending on the size of the pool and the water pressure, filling the pool should take 12 to 48 hours.

Chemical start

Starting up after water depends on whether you are using plaster or pebbles. A plaster pool is about the same process as a pebble pool, with the difference that it takes several days to complete for pool renovation bradenton, rather than several hours in a single session. The reason for this is that plaster is more sensitive and homeowners will have to maintain the pH of the water in an acidic state for a longer period of time than in pebble pools.


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